Monthly Summary – September

A pretty decent month all things considered, with some reasonable training volume, one half-marathon, and a fair variety of different runs. Speed is down quite a bit, which, looking at my activities, I think is due almost entirely to the Nuts Challenge which was obviously quite slow. It’s not overly important at this point though as I’m more concerned about just steadily increasing mileage. I’m not doing any seriously long runs yet, so the overall mileage is still quite low, and elevation unsurprisingly dipped down given that I’m no longer in the Pyrenees, but not as far as it might have, and in general I’m pretty happy with how September went. The challenge will be keeping it up in October when I go back to work full-time…


(Full) months left to MDS: 6
Miles run: 76.56 miles +40.98
Elevation gain: 1,132 m -479 m
Average speed: 5.1mph -1.1 mph


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